What to Bring With You To The Tax Office

***Not all may apply to everyone ***


ADVANCED CHILD TAX CREDIT LETTER FORM 6419- showing EXACT AMOUNT THE IRS ADVANCED.  THE IRS WILL MAIL OUT TO TAXPAYERS IN JANUARY 2022.  Please note if the amount you give us is incorrect, this may cause a long delay to your tax refund.

DOCUMENTATION OF AMOUNT PAID FOR CHILD CARE. Letter from company, day care provider.

Personal Information

Photo ID &Social Security Card(s) For You, Spouse and Dependants; New dependent information -birth certificate and ss card info

Income from Jobs - W2 (s) FOR ALL JOBS WORKED IN 2021
Gambing Winnings - W2G-Gambling winnings
IRA/Pension Distributions - 1099-R(s)-Distributions from retirement, annuities IRA
Social Security Benefits - 1099-SSA/1099-RRB, Security benefits slip

Unemployment Income - 1099-G, Unemployment (download from your acct online)

Rental Property Income - 1099-Misc, to report Rental income, royalties, prizes and awards
Business or Farming Income - 1099-NEC, Non employee compensation slip; For self-employment income, also supply a detailed list of expenses, if any.
Miscellaneous Income - 1099-NEC, Non employee compensation slip; For self-employment income, also supply a detailed list of expenses, if any.
1099-K,Third party transactions
1099-C, Cancellation of Debt
1099-B, Proceeds from Broker and Barter Exchange (stocks), 1099-Div, Dividends; 1099-INT, Bank interest
If You Use Your Home (that you own) For Business
Adoption Costs - All costs incurred for adoption
Health Insurance Documentation - 1095-A, health insurance from Marketplace Statement
Income from State & Local Tax Refunds - 1099-G
Income From Sale of Property - 1099-S, Proceeds from Real Estate Transactions (sale), Please mention if you sold a property or purchased a new home
Cryptocurrency - Cryptocurrency statement Needed!
Educator Expense - Educators credit-kindergarten through grade 12 teacher, instructor, counselor, principal, or aide in a school for at least 900 hours during a school year.
Alimony Paid - Alimony received or paid
IRA Contributions - Traditional ONLY
Student Loan Interest - 1098-E, slip for Student loan interest paid
Medical Savings Account Contributions - ; 1099-SA, Distributions from HAS, Archer MSA
Moving Expenses - Members of Armed Forces on Active Duty-Military Ordered to relocate
Self-Employed Health Insurance
Keogh & SEP Pension Plans
Child Tax Credit Advance - Bring IRS Letter 6419 into office.
Education Costs for Higher Education - 1098-T, Tuition paid
Child Care Costs - Child Care /Day Care documentation: name, address, id number & amt paid
Itemized Deductions
Home Mortgage Interest - 1098 -Mortgage Interest slip paid (homeowners with mortgage)
Investment Interest Expense
Casualty & Theft Losses
Charitable Donations - Please list charities you donated to.
Job Expenses
Other Miscellaneous Deductions
Taxes Paid
State & Local Income Taxes
Real Estate Taxes - Real Estate taxes paid usually with 1098 mortgage slip
Personal Property Taxes
Information on Household employees
Tax Payments - Estimated taxes federal or state paid during the year
Direct Deposit Information -routing and account number -supply docs to verify acct info
Foreign Bank Account information
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